Shopify Product Type vs Collection: What’s the Difference?

Digital Products 15 Feb 2024
Shopify Product Type vs Collection: What’s the Difference?

Shopify Products and Shopify Collections are two important concepts of modern online stores. Although these are two different elements of an e-commerce website, they are often confused. There is no doubt that it is necessary to apply all the important elements of a Shopify Storefront. Collections and products are the foundation for making your store both content-rich and easy to use. They don't just make it easier for your customers to find what they need. Products and Collections can make your store attractive to potential customers if set up properly. Additionally, well-executed categories, products, and collections are often the reason customers return to an online store for other purchases.

Shopify Products vs Shopify Collections: Comparison and Benefits

 In today's article, we'll take a detailed look at Shopify Collections and Products. Additionally, we will discuss the benefits of each Shopify storefront component mentioned. It's all about using collections and making your products stand out. Either way, you'll learn a lot about running your store. Rest assured, our advice will be helpful for your e-commerce business. Finally, you will be able to effectively organize your store catalog to make it more attractive to customers.

Difference between Shopify Collections and Products 

Before diving into the benefits of Shopify Products versus Shopify Collections, it's important to understand the differences between the two. Let's start with the definition of a product in the Shopify platform's sense. Products are the foundation of any online store. They are presented as items with unique characteristics that the seller can specify individually. Each product must have a detailed description and images that demonstrate the product and its benefits. A properly done product page can be a great source of information for any customer. Additionally, it allows your website visitors to understand how they can benefit from using the product.

What are Collections on Shopify? 

On the contrary, collections allow you to streamline existing products for the convenience of your potential customers. They often include related products that may have similar characteristics. Unlike categories which often have a single suitability criteria, collections can be based on almost anything. From size and color to price and theme, you can decide what to base your collection on. Additionally, they can be presented as image galleries to make them more visible and attractive to your customers. You can also easily edit any collection using your Shopify admin.

However, just putting all the information on the product to make it attractive is not enough. You'll also need to use the right layout for a variety of product-related content. Your customers can benefit from reviews as well as videos and FAQs. When it comes to choosing an item to buy, many store visitors will look to see how your product page is designed. Your job as a marketer is to make sure they don't just promote the benefits of the product. You also need to make sure that potential customers know how the product you're selling can help them solve their daily tasks. So, a good product presentation makes up half of the buying process. In addition, you can use many different types of products to diversify your store portfolio. Using Product Type in Shopify and Categories in Shopify

What is Product Type in Shopify? and it Benefits

When comparing Shopify Products and Shopify Collections, it's important to understand how Product Types in Shopify and categories work. Online store owners determine which products to add. Depending on what you sell, each store may have different types of items and related categories. For this reason, Shopify offers custom product types. You can easily create any digital label that appears on your product page to fit your business idea. However, there are some basic categories to remember when working on product catalogs. These include:

 When sorting Products Categories should be used. They can help you make your catalog more structured and easier to use. Categories are predefined and serve multiple purposes. They allow you to choose the most accurate tax rate for the products you sell. Additionally, well-categorized products sell better on other media. This can help you if you decide to promote your article on social networks, for example. Categories are also used for comfortable navigation on your website. Using this element for your storefront will ensure the best user experience for your customers.

Advantages of Collections on Shopify

One of the main advantages of Collections on Shopify is the ability to better discover the products they contain. Additionally, using this Shopify element is an optimal strategy to improve the appearance of your store. If a product is part of a collection page, customers will notice it. Additionally, you can use any type of layout to highlight your collection. Many modern Shopify Themes include several pre-built collection pages for you to choose from. For any modern online store, it is essential to focus on the product you are selling. UI Paradox offers many Shopify Themes.  It's a great choice for any modern e-commerce site.


Supported Collection Types and Conditions

The Collections on Shopify sent in Shopify stores vary widely. This makes it a great choice for any type of online store. Maybe you sell clothing, organic products, or digital services. Either way, galleries can help you present your objects concisely in just a few pages. Each store has its vision of what these parts of the store should look like. This is mainly due to the difference between Shopify Products and Shopify Collections. Merchants using this platform can often choose between manual and automatic collection. Their differences describe what store owners can use to create such collections. Automated systems are easier to use because they use predefined criteria that come with every product in your store.

 Start with what is popular with your customers. What products do your store visitors like to see? Try to find a common characteristic between different requested products. You can choose from several different features for each product. Then create a collection with multiple conditions. Shopify can automatically track all criteria for any product that matches the collection. This not only helps you diversify your collection. Such an approach also saves time in regularly updating collection pages.

 Automation options for Shopify Product Type vs Collection

 As mentioned above, Shopify Collections has both manual and automated options. The latter is one of the most useful features offered by the platform. When comparing Shopify Product Type vs Collection, automation becomes one of the main advantages. This is very useful if you sell many types of products. When planning sales for your e-commerce site, editing collections manually can be tedious. Additionally, this is not necessary as Shopify can do it automatically. Just select some conditions to set up automatic collection. This way, your store will be able to update each collection according to predefined rules. Additionally, Automated Collections allow you to add a variety of criteria. They can correspond to a certain sale or seasonal event in your store. Additionally, when viewing a collection, Shopify allows you to choose a specific sales channel. This will make the selected collection available in a specific sale. The platform also offers tools to edit your gallery design.