Al-Buraq – Mosque and Islamic Center HTML Template

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Al-Buraq is a beautiful and professional Mosque Template for Islamic Religious and Social Organizations, with features like clean code, amazing visuals, smooth animations, and modern design. This mosque Template is perfect for creating a website like an Islamic Center, Mosque, or Muslim community center.

Al-Buraq - Mosque template and Islamic template is a stunning Mosque Website Template that utilizes a clean, simple design to create a powerful website. The layout is fully responsive, so your site will present beautifully on any device or screen size. Al-Buraq is an Islamic Template and HTML website template, which means a place where people come to pray, seek knowledge, and share their culture with others. We are committed to serving our community by being a friendly and welcoming place to learn about Islam and practice our religion responsibly.

Maintaining a strong online presence in an increasingly digital world is crucial for religious institutions such as mosques and Islamic Centers. A well-designed website fosters a sense of community and provides a platform for sharing information, events, and resources with congregants and the wider public. Al-Buraq, our meticulously crafted template of a mosque and Islamic template HTML Website Template, is here to help religious organizations harness the power of the internet. This comprehensive product description delves into Al-Buraq's extensive feature set, showcasing how it can empower your mosque or Muslim community center to flourish digitally.

Feature Overview:

1. Responsive Design for Inclusive Accessibility

In today's diverse device landscape, a responsive website is paramount. Al-Buraq ensures that your website looks and functions seamlessly across desktops, tablets, and smartphones. This adaptability guarantees congregants and visitors a consistent and user-friendly experience, regardless of their preferred device.

2. Soothing Islamic Aesthetics

Al-Buraq is thoughtfully designed with Islamic aesthetics in mind. The Template of a Mosque features serene colors, elegant typography, and tasteful Islamic patterns, creating an atmosphere of tranquility and reverence that reflects your religious institution's values.

3. Prayer Times and Event Scheduling

Keep your congregants informed with a dedicated section for prayer times and event scheduling. Al-Buraq enables you to display accurate prayer timings and upcoming events, ensuring visitors to your mosque website template always have the latest information.

4. Khutbah (Sermon) Archives

Archive and share your khutbahs (sermons) with ease. Al-Buraq includes a dedicated section for storing and presenting past khutbahs, allowing congregants to revisit and reflect on the teachings and messages.

5. Islamic Education and Resources

Provide valuable Islamic educational resources to your community. With Al-Buraq, you can organize and categorize articles, lectures, and publications, fostering continuous learning and spiritual growth.

6. Online Donation and Support

Facilitate online donations and financial support for your mosque or Islamic center. Al-Buraq integrates seamlessly with payment gateways, allowing congregants to contribute conveniently and securely.

7. Event Calendar and Announcements

Keep your congregation informed about upcoming events and announcements through a dynamic event calendar. Al-Buraq's intuitive interface ensures visitors can easily access important dates and information.

8. Community Gallery and Multimedia Integration

Create a sense of community by sharing photos and multimedia content of events, gatherings, and celebrations. Al-Buraq allows you to showcase your community's vibrancy and engagement.

9. Contact Forms for Seamless Communication

Simplify communication between your mosque or Islamic center and the community. Al-Buraq includes customizable contact forms, making it effortless for congregants to reach out with inquiries, requests, or feedback.

10. Support for Multilingual Content

In an increasingly diverse world, catering to different language preferences is vital. Al-Buraq supports multilingual content, enabling you to reach a broader audience and foster inclusivity within your community.

11. Newsletter Subscription for Outreach

Expand your reach and maintain consistent communication with your congregants. Al-Buraq includes a built-in newsletter subscription form, allowing you to deliver important updates and messages directly to your community's inbox.

12. Prayer Request Section for Support

Create a space for congregants to submit prayer requests. Al-Buraq encourages community support and solidarity by providing a platform for sharing prayer needs and offering spiritual assistance.

13. Sermon Streaming and Podcasting

Embrace modern technology to extend your reach. Al-Buraq supports sermon streaming and podcasting, allowing congregants to access khutbahs and religious content remotely, further enhancing accessibility and outreach.

14. Support for Live Events and Webinars

Incorporate live events and webinars into your online strategy. Al-Buraq seamlessly integrates with live streaming platforms, ensuring that your congregation can participate in events, even when physically distant.

15. Social Media Integration for Wider Outreach

Enhance your online presence by connecting your website to your mosque or Islamic center's social media profiles. Al-Buraq encourages community engagement, sharing, and interaction with your content, strengthening your outreach efforts.

16. Clean and Well-Commented Code for Customization

For developers, Al-Buraq offers clean and well-commented code, making customization and further development straightforward and efficient. Tailor your website to your unique requirements with ease.

17. Lifetime Updates for Continuous Enhancement

Al-Buraq provides lifetime updates to ensure that your website remains at the forefront of innovation, always meeting the evolving needs of your congregation.

18. Secure and Reliable Hosting Options

Explore secure and reliable hosting options to ensure the smooth operation of your website. Reliable hosting is essential for maintaining a consistent online presence and providing a positive user experience.

19. User-Friendly Content Management System (CMS)

Al-Buraq offers an intuitive content management system, empowering non-technical users to manage and update website content effortlessly. This user-friendly approach streamlines website maintenance.

20. Customizable mosque Templates and Modules

Adapt Al-Buraq to your mosque or Islamic center's unique identity and requirements. The mosque template offers customizable templates and modules, enabling you to create a website that aligns perfectly with your institution's values and goals.

Al-Buraq is not just an HTML Mosque Website Template; it's a powerful HTML website template tool for religious institutions seeking to elevate their online presence. Whether you operate a mosque or Islamic center, Al-Buraq provides the essential features and aesthetics to foster community, share knowledge, and engage with congregants and the broader public. It's time to harness the potential of the internet and strengthen your mosque or Islamic center's impact. Choose Al-Buraq and embark on a digital journey that reflects your values and enriches your community. Stand out, engage, and inspire with Al-Buraq.

Main Features

  • HTML5 & CSS3
  • Responsive Template
  • Free icons used
  • Clean & Unique Design
  • Easy to customize
  • Ajax Contact Form
  • Fully Documented
  • & much more…

Files Included

  1. 2 Home Pages
  2. 1 Services Listing Page
  3. 1 Service Detail Page
  4. 1 Events Page
  5. 1 Course Listing Page
  6. 1 Course Detail Page
  7. 1 Donations Page
  8. 1 Donate Now Page
  9. 1 Blog Listing Page
  10. 1 Blog Detail Page
  11. 1 Gallery Page
  12. 1 Scholars Listing Page
  13. 1 Scholar Detail Page
  14. 1 About Page
  15. 1 Contact Page
  16. 1 Donation Policy Page
  17. 1 404 Page
  18. 1 Coming Soon Page


Al-Buraq is designed with the help of free resources.


Images are used from

  1. Unsplash
  2. Pexels
  3. Freepik

Images are just used for demo purpose only not include in final file.


Icons are used from

  • Font Awesome


  1. Free fonts used from google fonts.

CSS Plugins

  • Bootstrap (
  • Font Awesome (
  • Slick Slider (
  • Sal Scroll (


  • jQuery (
  • Bootstrap (
  • Slick (
  • Sal Scroll (


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